Complete Decongestive Therapy (“CDT”)

This therapy is designed to effectively treat and control lymphedema, which sometimes occurs after cancer treatment and conditions arising from venous insufficiency.

CDT has two phases:

The reductive, intensive phase.

The goal in this phase is to bring the lymphedema under control and to visibly reduce the swelling and other symptoms in the affected limb.

Although treatment plans are tailored to the individual, this phase generally involves five (5) treatments a week for two or more weeks, depending on how swiftly the swelling responds to the treatment.

The treatments include manual lymph drainage, short-stretch compression bandaging using foam (bandages at own expense), and exercises.

Maintenance phrase:

This includes:

  • Advice and direction on how to maintain the results of the intensive phase on your own.
  • Getting you fitted with compression garments and advising you how to put them on correctly and care for them.
  • Possible check-up treatments should you feel you may benefit.