Swedish massage

The most popular massage, Swedish massage increases blood circulation, relaxes your mind and body, improves range of motion and decreases stress and muscle tension.

The 45 minute Swedish massage — A back and shoulder massage ending with your choice of either a scalp, foot or hand.

The 75 minute Swedish massage — A full body massage which includes the back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and scalp – go on treat yourself!

Massage: Your Key to Health

Pregnancy Massage

This is a very comfortable side-lying full body massage in which pillows are used for extra support. The tummy is not touched, the focus is on easing tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders, and relieving pain in the lower back. It helps with circulation and mobility, and is great for those tired feet!

Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Have A Pregnancy Massage

Hot Stone Massage

This massage uses heated basalt stones that warm your muscles, allowing a much deeper working of the muscle tissues than conventional massage. Oil is smoothed onto the skin and the stones are then worked in place of the therapist’s hands, applying pressure and heat to the body. It is said that one stroke of the stone is equivalent to ten of the hand. This massage is incredibly relaxing and detoxing.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (“MLD”)

The immune-boosting manual lymph drainage massage is a gentle, relaxing
massage that encourages and stimulates the natural drainage of lymph. The lymph system rids the body of bacteria, viruses, and fat. This massage relieves fluid congestion and is both preventative and remedial.
Please speak to me if you have lymphedema, due to past cancer treatment or arising from venous insufficiency as this will need compression bandaging together with manual lymph drainage.
Not advised for anyone currently with cancer, acute renal failure, or cardiac problems.


Reflexology is a type of foot massage, manipulating the reflex points in order to promote healing in other parts of the body. Dating back to ancient Egypt, India, and China, reflexology promotes a free flow of energy.
Reflexology will give you a feeling of holistic well-being and rebalance. It can relieve many conditions such as stress/tension, fatigue, insomnia, aches and pains, sciatica, headaches, PMS, and IBS.